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August 15, 2007



I hate it when I sense that male attitude that "girls just like that stuff", as if caring for children isn't hard for us, frustrating for us, and exhausting for us. It makes it easy for men to just leave it to women completely, as if it's just easier that way since we're naturally good at it and enjoy it and they aren't. Socialization, much?


I am a male, but I think I could do a great job taking care of the child if my wife wanted to work (and we chose to have children :rolleyes:). Taking care of a child is hard work, and while to a certain degree it is true that women are designed to initially take care of the child (hence breasts) men can do a great job if they are raised correctly. It is that "Give the girls some dolls and the boys some trucks" that is messing up people, as now boys think they cannot care for children and women are taught they have to.

On a side note, I believe SOMEONE should take care of the children; kids just don't come out the same when they are raised by a nanny; nothing is a strong as parental love.


If I had young children I'd hire you to care and educate my daughters and sons. You'd be a terrific role model.

BTW, caring for infants and young children is HARD work! I remember that, from being a stay-at-home-mom, briefly.

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