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May 19, 2007


Woman at Mile 0

Me too : )) Great post!

Eugene Plawiuk

I am a feminist as well as an anarchist. We need to reclaim the labels we apply to ourselves on a regular basis. Since they are used as pejoratives by our opponents.


I am a FEMINIST!! Thanks for your post. It was great. I too, think it is sad that it has to be said, but maybe if we all say it enough, then it will change that!


I am a feminist too.

Thank you for that post-I loved reading it.

How exciting that you're on typepad too now!

sister AE

I'm here from the Carnival of Feminists. I'm both glad and sad to read your post: glad to hear your message; sad that it still needs to be said. Twenty-some years ago, I remember helping line up our respected main-stream college president to do a talk at one of the dorms. The topic? "Why I am a feminist."

Sigh - keep at it.


Thanks Thorne for the sweet words! :)

Cheers, JF!


Oh, My! Thank you! I read this post first this morning, and saved the commenting for after a cuppa (typos are statistically correlated to caffeine intake), and then became embroiled in the bruhaha over FFF. Alot of valid opinions, feelings, outrage...
Still it's Saturday morning ("Venusday" to those who know me), and as I set feeds and commented and finally closed tabs I was delighted to return to this beautiful, thoughtful post. Thank you.


Hear, hear!

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