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May 14, 2007



I really agree with how you forget what the rest of the world thinks when you're surrounded by people who think like you. For example, my main experience with talking about my menstrual sponges and cloth pads and Instead has been that other women start trying them out! If people at work called me a feminist because of my menstrual product choices, I wouldn't even realize they meant it as ridicule.


Thanks Marlo! Ooh I love great films! I just watched "Daughter from Danang" and am watching "Searching for Angela Shelton" tonight. Too bad I'm not that close to NYC but thanks for letting all our readers know about it!

In sisterhood, Artemis


Right on! Why is even discussing women's health (and let's face it that means UTI's, cervical cancer caused by STDs and menstrual flow) so taboo? Even many doctor's (female doctor's included) seem incapable of telling a young women to take some cranberry pills and vitamin c after sex to avoid getting a UTI.

If anybody is in New York around July 4th, they should check out "Flying: Confessions of a Free Women" I saw it at a film fest recently and it's playing at the Film Forum for two weeks. It's a great, cross-cultural exploration of female sexuality, health and freedom.

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